Hogar de Amor

History of Hogar de Amor

The Home of Love and Protection for the Child began operations in January 1992. The home began with 10 children in the home called “Casa Matriz” or “Main Home” and from there quickly grew to the point that it now serves 160 children in 12 houses, three of them located outside the State of Colima – one in the State of Puebla, and a home in both La Esperanza and Cd. Guzman, Jalisco. We are sponsored by the local church Grupo Amor who also maintains a men’s rehabilitation center and a women’s formation home.
The growth of the Home of Love and Protection for the Child has been in answer to the great need. Our homes are purposed for diverse needs in terms of age, gender and sibling groups. The majority of our buildings are owned by the organization with some purchased as is and others built with the help of teams and individuals. We also have three homes that are operated in rented or loaned space. Having our own buildings ensures permanence and continuity of services. The financial resources for the construction, maintenance and operation of the different houses are supplied mainly through contributions from individuals, foundations, churches and businesses. Our operation and administration involves an average of 30 salaried staff and a large group of permanent and short term volunteers. These people are motivated by their love of God, and their love for the children and are the pillars of our success.

Our Mission

The Home of Love and Protection for the Child was initiated with the desire to help orphaned, homeless, abused and neglected children.  It is our desire to provide all the support that they would find in a real home, not just to supply the material needs, but also the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs as well.  We try to accomplish this by means of providing food, clothing, housing, education, psychological, medical, dental and social services, in order to provide fulfilment and personal development in the children in a healthy environment and according to their age.

Our Vision

Our vision at the Home of Love and Protection is to train up men and women who are fully prepared, who will one day give back to their families and society.  It is our desire to foster their love for God and their neighbor and help them develop moral principles in their lives so that they can be beneficial to society and go on to form a generation of people who are willing to change their world and care for others.  It is our desire to model an example of a healthy family and provide each member with the same love, respect and acceptance as the others.  As these qualities are developed in their own lives, they will be able to in turn instill them in the lives of the people around them.

Thanks to Michelle Longstreet

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Michelle Longstreet, one of our long term volunteers. Michelle came to us with a one year commitment that has stretched out to 20 years! She has faithfully served in Casa Cuna for the majority of that time, and has lovingly touched many lives. Her babies have grown up to young men and women and she continues to follow through and provide emotional and physical support. She opened her home and adopted two teenage sisters. Many little people have learned to say Psalm 23 and the Lord’s prayer in English along with so many other verses and songs. They fondly remember decorating Christmas cookies, having “Mickey” shaped pancakes, popcorn movie nights, birthday and Christmas parties and so many other special events. Michelle has truly dedicated her life to the Lord, and her service to him has made a difference to so many. Words cannot express our gratitude Michelle. Thank you, and may God bless you one hundredfold.

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If you want to sponsor a child, you can contact us – your support will be a blessing for the child!

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