Casa Famoso

The “Casa Famoso” is one of the two houses that will be located in the same land, which we will call Golondrinas, although at the moment we only have one house. Golondrinas is the surname of the Canadian family in which God put the burden of making this project possible that began in August of 2009. And Famous because the first children who inhabited it were the 7 siblings of last name Famous. Those who previously lived in the Crib and Casa Matriz, but parents losing their parental authority were handed over by the government, hence we take the vision and burden to form a home that will have a maximum of 10 to 12 children attended by a full-time couple for them who will develop the role of surrogate parents. In this house we will receive the children that the government considers that they will not be able to return home; by special situations. Our desire is that these children live as a family, where they can receive everything necessary to reach their maturity and one day to form stable families.

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