Casa Belén

Founded in April 2002, with the purpose of helping women who are in addiction problems, street girls, minor or adult women in a state of danger or vulnerable situation; as well as mothers of minors in the Casa Hogar who wish to make changes in their lives; his children are admitted to Hogar de Amor and his internal mother in Hogar Belén for a period of no more than one year. Afterwards, if you wish, integrate as volunteers in Hogar de Amor, in advance, when the time and situation allow you to be integrated into the staff of plant staff of one of the homes of Hogar de Amor, and their days off you can take your children with her, and in this way go back to the family. Not that this is a requirement to be helped in Hogar Belén, nor for their children to enter Casa Hogar.

Minors, or women without children, also have the opportunity to volunteer to the Hogar de Amor, if they so wish.

During their stay at Hogar BELEN they will be given the necessary tools for the restoration of areas of their life that are broken, as well as the development of character traits. Necessary elements that will enable them to fulfill their project of life satisfactorily.

Our vision is to reintegrate such women into society as morally responsible and productive people.